Dragon Nest is a very large và largely popular MMORPG for PCs. So naturally someone had to lớn port it lớn di động devices. And here we are with Dragon Nest M SEA (sản phẩm điện thoại South East Asia/DNM). Yes, there are various beginner guides here and there lớn help get your started. But sooner or later the questions become a bit more difficult lớn find answers for in beginner guides. Keep in mind, Dragon Nest M SEA is huge for a Smartphone game. Not so much in its tệp tin size compared to lớn the PC version. The real bulk of it is in the large amount of content the game has to offer.

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The beauty in Dragon Nest M SEA is not even the large amount of content. It’s really in the setup of the game. Most games lately are just a race for a power rating. Some games Call it Might, others điện thoại tư vấn it Combat nguồn, & some games hotline it Battle nguồn (BP). Dragon Nest M SEA uses the name Battle nguồn. Yes, you vì need battle power in the game. No, it’s not required or even used in some of the content. Yes, you can still defeat content even without the recommended battle power. In this Dragon Nest M SEA advanced strategy guide, you’ll have the methods to lớn gain as much as possible. Said gains include Battle Power nguồn (BP), gold, Dragon Coins (DC), & other gains.

1. How-To Properly Setup Heraldries

One of the more comtháng problems in Dragon Nest M SEA is the improper cài đặt of the heraldries. The problem is that if you don’t cài đặt your heraldries properly, you waste slots, resources, và most importantly, BP. gains via stat boosts. To properly setup your heraldries, you have to first base things on your character’s type. There’re only 2 main types which are physical và magical based attackers. From there, you base things on your character’s main stat. The 3 main stats are INT, STR, và AGI. Here’s the proper thiết đặt for each character.


Magical based attackers:

Academic, Cleric, Kali, Sorceress

Physical based attackers:

Warrior, Archer, Assassin

All magical based attackers use INT as their main stat. Their heraldries include:

Wisdom, Magic, Health, Life, Crit, Luông chồng, Iron Curtain, và Veil

Warriors use STR as their main stat. Their heraldries are the same as magical based attackers but swap Wisdom & Magic for Giant Bear & Destruction. For archers & assassins, it’s the same idea as above with the warriors but they use AGI. Swap Wisdom và Magic for Gust and Destruction.

The main aim for gaining heraldries is lớn have sầu an all A ranked set. You can use the Refresh button in the monster Rush lớn help gain them. Do note that luchồng is very much involved & you should not use Dragon Coins (DC) lớn use the Refresh button. You can gain skill heraldries starting from the Apocalypse Nest. Those would be B ranked. If you salvage the B ranked skill heraldries, you gain resources lớn buy A ranked skill heraldries from the skill heraldry shop.

You can use the skill heraldries starting at cấp độ 45. Only use skill heraldries that are for the skills you have equipped. Otherwise, you’re only wasting the slot. You can unlock the outer skill heraldry slots using DC. Only bởi vì that if you have sầu DC to spare & if you’re getting skill heraldries you can use.

2. The Highly Important Guilds

Being in a guild is one thing and is a very easy 1 cliông xã process. Being in a good guild is another story all together. But once you’re in a good guild, it’s entirely on you khổng lồ maximize your gains while you’re in there.


Most would want to lớn be in the top ranked guild. However, that doesn’t always make for a good fit for you. Some might find that being in a certain guild is too demanding one way or another. One of your better bets in Dragon Nest M SEA is to be in one of the top 20 ranked guilds of the hệ thống you’re in. But even at that, you’ll still have sầu to kiểm tra it out for a day or 2 before fully “investing” inlớn the guild you joined.

Mostly what you’re looking for is how active the guild members really are. If you l& yourself in a guild with very active members, count yourself as lucky. Do yourself a favor & play with them. Unfortunately, many guilds are “parking lots” for players that don’t seem lớn know any better. The typical case is that guilds ranked in the top 20 don’t have too much of that.

In order khổng lồ maximize your gains while in a guild, you simply participate as much as possible. This includes all the guild events & the World trùm cuối (WB is daily). Maximize all your boosts in the Skills section (BPhường increases anyway). Sign-in each day with Dragon Coins (it can get costly but you’ll gain better) even if it’s not required by the guild. Donate as much as you can to lớn other guild members. All of these things can gain Guild Contribution points, among mỏi other things, which can be used to lớn buy items from the guild shop. Said items include various upgrading items so you can increase your battle power.

The fun part about being in a guild is that you can meet a lot of other players. It can be very helpful towards your Dragon Nest M SEA “career”! The not so fun part is really upsetting them by buying medals from a guild auction. Take a look at the screen shot above sầu. Most guilds will put that part about “NO BUYOUT” in the Guild Announcement. And yes, most of them mean it. It’s considered as extremely rude if you buy a medal from a guild auction. This is because anyone can vị it even if they were not in the associated event.

All the others did all the “work” in the associated event just khổng lồ have no chance at the medals because someone outright bought them (not cool). The recommendation is that you don’t vì chưng that. Much of that recommendation really comes from you spending too much just to buy a medal from a guild auction. Many guild officials will even chat about you (negatively) in the world chat after kicking you from the guild. Do yourself a favor và bid only during the guild auctions. That makes the medals fair game.

3. The Benefits Of The Squads

The squad is found in the Friends section. A squad is like having a mini guild. It’s limited khổng lồ 15 players. Hopefully, said 15 players are active. It costs 500 DC khổng lồ start a squad. You can post invites lớn your squad as the Squad Captain in the world chat. The players can be in any guild of the VPS. Of highest recommendation is that the members of your squad are all also your guild members.


The gains start with the Activity Rewards showing in the bottom right of the above sầu screen shot. The points are gained daily from simply doing your usual daily Dragon Nest M SEA activities. So it wasn’t adding more things to lớn vì chưng. The squad you’re in was just giving you more bonuses for doing what you already do!

To drive sầu the point of being in a squad in more, if you team with your squad members in the Dragon’s Lair a certain number of times, you’ll gain even more bonuses. They’re found in the Challenge Reward section. The Challenge Rewards remix once per week so you do have time lớn phối things up. One of the more interesting things found in the Squad Shop are the peach seeds. No, the peach seeds are not the best thắng lợi for sale in there!

4. The Gains Of Being Married

As it turns out, Dragon Nest M SEA has a marriage setup. Yes, you và another player are married in the game simply by gaining the requirements found at Eros the Little God of Love. No, this is not a lifelong commitment. No, you don’t really have sầu to lớn “be ready for it”. No, you’re really not too young/old lớn get married in a video game! Yes, there is a divorce thiết đặt too! No, you can’t make or buy babies in the game!

Yes, there really are female players in the game for those not interested in a “bromance” even though there never really was a “bromance”! No, you don’t have sầu to lớn know each other in real life. As face palm inducing and/or amusing as these things may seem lớn anyone, you’d be 100% amazed at how many times they come up in game (really not kidding). So there’re your answers.


In the above screen shot, you see the married couple KungfuJohn and KungFuJane. Yes, they just so happen khổng lồ be a married couple in real life (not a requirement for Dragon Nest M SEA marriages). Yes, they are married twice in the game (using other characters). And yes, they gain lượt thích crazy due to lớn the Mate Activity rewards. The trichồng to lớn it is that even if 1 of the couple doesn’t even log in for the week, the other can still gain all the Mate Activity rewards. The Mate Activity rewards remix once per week.

When you put the guild, squad, frikết thúc, & spouse rewards together because everyone is cooperating, the gains can be impressive! The idea khổng lồ most of this is lớn be able lớn boost your battle power. But it won’t hurt anyone’s feelings to lớn gain extra DC, gold, & just about anything else a player can get their hands on. The fun part is that it doesn’t stop here.

5. The Secret Life Of Your Leveling Speeds

You may or may not have noticed that some, even your own characters, are leveling at incredible rates & some are not. The good news is that the best method is incredibly easy. Most don’t even realize it! The bad news is that you will get caught by the BPhường problem. The BPhường problem happens when you level too quickly. Your battle power can’t match the content requirements of Dragon Nest M SEA. Your resources never had a chance to keep up either. Both were never given enough time to lớn vày so. So why cấp độ so fast? It’s because fast leveling helps you demo characters.

For those who want lớn test characters, you have sầu khổng lồ be able lớn level the characters quickly because most of that testing will be on its skills. The tốc độ at which you màn chơi is determined by the age of the hệ thống. Literally the older a server is, the faster you’ll màn chơi when you make a new character in it.

The easiest method khổng lồ spot a hệ thống that is old enough is khổng lồ look at how many other servers are after it. Take the example of the hệ thống SEA70. If you see 4 or more servers after it, you should be able khổng lồ cấp độ very quickly in SEA70. Don’t worry too much about the BP problem. If the thiết đặt you made in an older server is something you truly like playing with, you can fix the BPhường. problem with time. That or spend real money!

6. The Gains Of Your Home

The home in Dragon Nest M SEA is not just where your heart is, it’s also a source of income. True, it can also be a pretty sizable drain of your gold và DC but that’s still just fine. You need the home lớn vị your farming và fishing. The cooking can be done anywhere. Your main gains are determined by what you cook. In turn, those foods can also allow you to lớn host a banquet. The foods can also provide boosts, complete quests, và help others (donating is important). The banquets allow you & 3 others to lớn gain gold & Dragon Coins after a short time of “eating”. The question is; how do you level up your cooking quickly to lớn be able lớn host a banquet?


In order lớn host a banquet, you need khổng lồ have sầu cấp độ 4 cooking. In Dragon Nest M SEA, you don’t need lớn have sầu the hidden recipes to be able to have sầu all the requirements for the first banquet. You will need to gain the màn chơi 5 recipe for the second banquet. Anyone will quickly find out that it’s not so easy to lớn get khổng lồ level 4 cooking. The required EXP is rather high. The main strategy khổng lồ level your cooking quickly is lớn stop relying on foods that require fish. Yes, you should vày your fishing when you have sầu 100 bait or more. And yes, that’s an Easter egg in the home water in the screen shot above. To find it, look at the screen shot in the squad section above.

When you look at the cooking options of Dragon Nest M SEA, you’ll want to lớn take care of your donation type foods first (daily). Next are the foods that vị not require fish lớn make. Bread, Jam và Bread, & several others qualify depending on your cooking màn chơi. Plant your 30 minute seeds (time until you can harvest them) when you first sign into the Dragon Nest M SEA for the day. Then go play as always or go fishing (either way). Plant your 5 hour seeds if you’re done with the 30 minute foods.

Rethành viên that the events of the day are spread out throughout the day. When you return for the events later in the gaming day, you can plant more 30 minute seeds or the 5, 8, or 10 hour seeds. Those will be ready for the next day. Be SURE to lớn reserve sầu at least 1 planting plot for 48 hour seeds. One of your best bets is to spend at least 500 DC to open 1 planting plot. Spover 1,000 DC khổng lồ open the other planting plot if you have sầu DC khổng lồ spare. The rest are gained via leveling your character.

Of course you can make the other foods when you have sầu extra ingredients. But some of them can be helpful towards your cooking cấp độ anyway. Take for example Eel Rice. That’s up khổng lồ 900 EXP.. towards your cooking daily. Carrots provide 1,250 EXPhường daily. If you have DC to spare, you can buy the eels. Food for your fairies is no slouch in the helping you department. Fish Stew, Braised Noodles with Carp, Sesame Soba, và others can provide damage và defense boosts for 24 hours. Yes, some foods are specific to lớn certain nội dung. So be sure khổng lồ read the food’s description first.

7. Your Skills Can Boost Your Battle Power

When it comes to your skills in Dragon Nest M SEA, what you use makes a massive amount of difference. Not just in the all-around gameplay, but also in your battle power. The question is; which skills vị you get for your character? The answer was in fact starring you in the face this entire time! It’s all of them for your character.


In the screenshot above, you’re seeing a very wrong cài đặt. The idea is correct where you should get the skills you lượt thích first. But don’t leave skills unlearned. When you vì chưng have extra skill points after gaining the skills you want to use, use the remaining skill points as much as possible. Even if you don’t equip the skills, learning them gains you BP. Yes, you can simply leave sầu the unused skills on level 1.

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The part you should also be paying attention lớn is the Switch Skill Tab II in the bottom left corner. This allows you lớn quickly switch skill setups. This comes in handy for players that like a certain skills cài đặt for PvE nội dung và PvPhường content each. Much of that depends on the character you’re using and what you know of it. But when you bởi vì use this strategy, firstly you have lớn remember to switch bachồng and forth as needed. Equally important is seeing changes in your BPhường when you switch tabs. Any changes in BPhường when you switch tabs are determined by the skills in use & your skill heraldries.

Here are some examples of this skill switching for a couple different characters. The first example would be the clerics. If you use Shield Charge in PvPhường, you might find it very useful. But in PvE nội dung, you might miss a lot of targets or run way off course. The use of Provoke in a PvP situation is pointless since your opponent(s) will already want khổng lồ attaông chồng you! The level 40 special skill of the clerics does last 15 seconds in PvE content but not so much in PvP.. Now look at the skills of Kali. Don’t expect the opponent(s) to purposely stvà on your damaging skills! But most mobs won’t know any different! In a case such as Kali, you only need to switch 1 or 2 skills and you could be fine. Something lượt thích that won’t really need a whole other tab lớn set things up!

And this wraps up our advanced strategy guide for Dragon Nest M SEA. We hope you’ve enjoyed this one & if you know additional tips or tricks for the game, feel free lớn drop us a line in the bình luận section below!