Safari 5 (from 2010) is available via"s KB. The original page no longer exists, but the EXE is still hosted.

According to 9to5mac, it seems that have decided to stop producing Safari for Windows, so Safari 5 is all that"s likely khổng lồ be available moving forward.

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Update: As mentioned at Geek Dashboard, better use a cross-browser testing tool if you just want to lớn chạy thử your project UI. With this, you will have sầu the latest version of Safari running right in your favorite browser.



http://appldnld.táo bị cắn dở.com/Safari5/041-5487.20120509.INU8B/SafariSetup.exe

It is also available on

http://web.archive sầãng



There is no liên kết khổng lồ Safari for Windows because stopped making it. If you want a copy of Safari for Windows you have lớn download the installer somewhere, or retrieve it from your backup.

Update: This link still works: SafariSetup.exe

Like the others have sầu said, has ceased development for it. The latest Windows version is 5.1.7 and you can find it in several places including (

It will give you warnings galore, that its not the lakiểm tra most secure browser, but if you must run it for some reason - there it is.

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You have sầu two options to still use Safari on Windows PC.

Using a cross-browser testing toolInstalling Safari 5.1.7 (The last supported version)

Since it is not safe to use dated version, the cross-browser testing tool is the best way if you just want khổng lồ test your projects.

However, if you still want lớn install the last supported version of Safari, you can find the download liên kết khổng lồ Safari for Windows here.

Warning: Don"t use the old version of Safari as your daily driver. It is not secure và pain khổng lồ your eyes.

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