Want lớn fix lag in Tencent Gaming Buddy (Gameloop) emulator lớn play PUBG Smartphone on PC or any other Smartphone game on PC smoothly?

Tencent gaming buddy (Gameloop) is the best emulator to play điện thoại games on PC which requires a lot of resources to lớn run the Mobile game in the emulator.

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The reason to lớn launch Tencent gaming buddy was mostly to play PUBG điện thoại on PC. Hence, it is known as the official PUBG emulator in the market recommended by the developer company Tencent itself. But soon the developers of the emulator started khổng lồ increase the efficiency of the emulator by running other games in it.

But the emulator requires some high resource specifications lớn run the games smoothly. If you have a low-end PC, there are a lot of chances that lag will occur in the games. Do not worry, you can fix most of the lag in the Tencent gaming buddy. So, you can easily play games on Tencent gaming buddy with no or less lag.

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How lớn Fix Lag in Tencent Gaming Buddy (Gameloop) – PUBG Emulator Lag Fix

How to Fix Lag in Tencent Gaming Buddy (Gameloop) – PUBG Emulator Lag Fix

Here are the best methods which you can try to fix the Tencent gaming buddy (Gameloop) also known as PUBG emulator lag. Just implement each method mentioned below & then try playing the game in the emulator to lớn see the performance boost.

Set your Power nguồn Plan mode to High-Performance ModeIncrease the Pagination Size of your systemChange the Priority of Tencent Gaming Buddy in Task ManagerIn-trò chơi Settings to lớn fix lag in Tencent Gaming BuddyChange Tencent Gaming Emulator Settings Update your Outdated Drivers to Lakiểm tra VersionInstall Gaming Performance Booster SoftwareClear Unwanted Temporary files from your systemUse Turbo Engine Mode To play the gamesEnable Virtualization Mode in your systemChange your Graphics nguồn Mode to High PerformanceAdjust the Visual Effects khổng lồ the High Performance tabInstall Lathử nghiệm Version of Tencent Gaming Buddy

1) Set your Power Plan Mode to lớn High-Performance Mode

A computer is designed in such a way to provide a better battery life by reducing the performance of your system. You can change the option to High-performance lớn provide more resources for your system khổng lồ run the game smoothly.

Visual Effects

To change the visual effects lớn high performance, follow the below steps:-

Right-clichồng on the My Computer icon and cliông chồng on Properties. Click on Advanced System Settings located in the left sidebar.In the Performance tab, clichồng on Settings. In the Visual Effects tab, select the Adjust for best performance option.Cliông xã on Apply & your settings will be saved.

You had successfully adjusted the visual effect khổng lồ a high-performance option.

13) Install Lachạy thử Version of Tencent Gaming Buddy (GameLoop)

If all of the above methods failed to fix lag in the emulator then you must check whether your Tencent gaming emulator is up to lớn date or not. If not, you must update the emulator to the lademo version.

To check whether the latest version is available or not, open your Tencent gaming emulator. Chechồng for the lachạy thử update in the menu panel located at the right of the title thực đơn,

Final Words

I had tried my best to cover và provide you with the best ways khổng lồ fix the lag in Tencent Gaming Buddy. If the above methods did not work for you, then you just need khổng lồ nâng cấp your PC a little bit. If you find more methods to fix lag in the emulator, you can bình luận below và cốt truyện the ways with us. Do not forget khổng lồ nói qua the post with your other friends who play on Tencent Gaming Buddy.

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