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“W.I.N.T.E.R.” begins in War Thunder và with it comes new chất lượng vehicles for every taste, sets of winter gears và other cool prizes with which it will be more fun lớn welcome 2022.
A new in game nation & Air Force tree with Israel, reconnaissance aircraft for naval battles, the influence of breeze in the game environment, new locations, many new vehicles & a long danh sách of bug fixes awaits you in the "Winged Lions" Major Update!
Hey there! Welcome to lớn this week’s best moments on Thunder Show! For today"s episode, we"ve received replays with a couple bombs (watch out, one of them is a bouncer!), an ATGM sniping, a killer turret... and a battle of an incredible flying ace: we"ll keep that for the end of the episode. Let"s go!
Unlochồng a chất lượng trophy simply by playing the game! Activate your camo coupons, or sell them on the Market lớn get Gaijin Coins (GJN)!
On the morning of December the 16th, 1944, the German offensive on Western Front began after a powerful artillery preparation. The offensive sầu in the Ardennes was considered the last large-scale offensive sầu operation of the Wehrmacht in WWII.
Throughout both World Wars, Italian pilots used Italian planes, developed and produced by several companies. Today we’re going to lớn talk about one of them — the legendary Fiat Aviazione.
Check out the early access packs for the Israeli ground forces CBT that starts in the next major update after “Winged Lions”!
Update regarding the Vautour IIA aircraft in French và Israeli aviation tech-trees, as well as an all-new Vautour IIN jet bomber version.
You are watching The Shooting Range – a weekly show for all tankers, airmen và Captains in War Thunder.
Hey there! Welcome lớn this week’s best moments on Thunder Show! Today we"re going khổng lồ show you some high-altitude maneuvers, a skillful armor-piercing double, a devastating ATGM, one truly crazy biplane and... a moment we don"t even know how to describe. Let"s get khổng lồ that odd case first, shall we?
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