The operation of changing Viettel WiFi password is essential, to be able to secure personal WiFi, as well as lớn ensure the Internet connection tốc độ is stable.

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Maybe someday, you will find that there are many neighbors around you who are using your home page WiFi without the permission of the landlord to lớn allow access. And this greatly affects the tốc độ of Internet connection, when the number of "WiFi temple" users increases. The best way khổng lồ limit this situation is that we need lớn change the WiFi password. In the following article, we will guide you how khổng lồ change Viettel WiFi modem password.

Step 1:

First we will access the admin page of Viettel WiFi modem. At the trang web interface, we will enter the IPhường address . When the interface appears below, enter the Username box as admin and Password as admin .


Step 2:

When successful login information, the new interface will appear as shown below. Here, users click on Basic Settings> Wireless Lan> SSID Setting , then click Modify .


Step 3:

Next, we enter the new password for WiFi in the Pre Shared Key section . Enter a new name for WiFi at SSID Name . This will help users not need khổng lồ delete the history of WiFi access on the device.


Step 4:

Then, click Apply Config and then cliông xã OK lớn save the change. Finally, restart the device to see if WiFi is available for changes to lớn take effect.

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Above is how to lớn change the password for Viettel TPhường. Link WiFi, Totolinks, Alacatel, optical cable. After resetting the name and the new password for WiFi, your computer will need time to catch WiFi again so please be patient.

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I wish you all success!