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SynopsisKaoru Nagase was caught up in a mysterious phenomenon & died when returning trang chính from work. It was because of a time-space distortion that a higher life khung was cleaning up, but she was able lớn receive a younger body & the ability khổng lồ create any potion she wanted in another world!(Source: MangaDex)


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Sense no one has written a nhận xét và that this seems to be a mostly unknown manga, I decided i'll give sầu the first Đánh Giá. While i did enjoy it, I got lớn say that the start seems rushed a bit. I think they could'v slowed it down. The rest of the story is funny though. I lượt thích the character herself. Even before she died she seemed interesting. Her having her age regressed when she reincarnated was for the best cause it gives some funny scenes. I also think that her character design is interesting và doesn't seem boring.I like that the story doesn't try giving an over emotional scene when she realizes she's dead. The story keeps it comedic và i find that funny. There is a scene where she said's goodbye to her friends & i kind of wish we she got lớn bring one of them with her. It's really the only sad part when she said's goodbye to her friends. I think it may have been better if instead of them being brought lớn a Trắng room and talking with each other is if she instead got to spover lượt thích one last day on Earth & go và say goodbye khổng lồ everyone. I like the Goddess that we see that is in charge of the world the MC is being reincarnated into. I like that we will probably get more of her later on. I also lượt thích the idea of that this has Yuri in it. the MC và the Goddess i feel are a nice pair.Overall i think this is a fun story và i hope more people start noticing it. I will now be reading the Light Novel sense that is much farther ahead.