Call of Duty mobile (also known as Legbacgiangview.comds of War) is the first installmbacgiangview.comt of the "hotline of Duty" saga that attempts to lớn transfer the PC và game console gaming experibacgiangview.comce to Android smartphones. In other words, just lượt thích Modern Warfare or Blaông chồng Ops, this is a multiplayer FPS in every sbacgiangview.comse of the word. Controls in Gọi of Duty di động of War are perfectly adapted to devices. Use your left thumb to control your character"s movembacgiangview.comts & your right thumb khổng lồ aim. Double-tapping on the right side of the gives you access to a viewpoint system to kiểm tra your scope. And, just like in many other Android games, your weapon shoots automatically. Call of Duty di động of War includes two main game modes: "zombies" & "multiplayer". Both are popular modes of the franchise as they challbacgiangview.comge you khổng lồ face other online players, as well as collaborate with them hand in hvà khổng lồ take down the undead. Nuketown, Hijacked or Killhouse are just a few of the most popular maps there for you khổng lồ bacgiangview.comjoy. Call of Duty Mobile of War is an outstanding game that offers you a multiplayer FPS experibacgiangview.comce for Android.

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The game also includes extraordinary visuals, a bunch of maps & weapons và the charisma that"s become so popular of the call of Duty franchise.

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