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The Bottom Line

With a cool interface and some chất lượng shooting capabilities, Camera360 for Windows Phone belongs in any phokhổng lồ enthusiast's tiện ích collection.

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Clever interface.Historic pholớn effects.Double exposure.Good one-shot HDR effect.Can apply filters lớn existing photos.Easy manual shooting controls.Organizes photos by date.

Windows Phones are known for their outstanding onboard cameras, so it shouldn"t come as a big surprise that there"s a healthy selection of camera và photo apps to choose from. I"ve testedseveral of them, including BrilliantVision OneShot, i4software Fast Camera, PicsArt Photo Studio, & Instagram. The free Camera360 joins their ranks as one of the highest rated in the phầm mềm store, with a 4.5 score from nearly 19,000 đánh giá. The praise is well deserved, but the app isn"t quite as complete as its name might suggest. Still, Camera360 adds phokhổng lồ effects và editing abilities khổng lồ powerful shooting tools lượt thích manual focus & live "Time Camera." And a very clever interface & goodorganizing and sharing tools don"t hurt, either.

The Camera360 Setup Experience The phầm mềm, available in the Windows Store, is a moderate 16MB tải về, và works on smartphones running both Windows 8 and 8.1. I tested it on theLumia Inhỏ ($226.98 at Amazon Canada) , which sports a 20-megapx f/2.4 camera with 6-element optics.


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On first run, Camera360 plays a slideshow, complete with emotional music. After you tap Start, the photo-shooting interface appears with explanatory overlays showing the functions of interface elements. Notice I didn"t precede this with anything about signing up for or inkhổng lồ an account: Camera360 just starts working without all that—something I applaud.

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Interface: Shooting with Camera360 The app takes a novel và clever approach to shooting photos on a điện thoại thông minh. Yes, many apps have filters that emulate photography characteristics of bygone years, but Camera360 takes this a step further, with its Time Camera wheel. You can rotate its setting from 1837 khổng lồ 1980, with several stops in between. There"salso a frame setting button at the bottom right; options include 1đôi mươi (square), Polaroid, & pinhole (heavy on vignette).