If you want khổng lồ use a fast và secure website browser on your Windows XP computer, the Mozilla Firefox version 52.9.0 is the best modern mạng internet browser for Windows XPhường and Vista operating systems. Because Firefox version 52.9.0esr is the last fully supported version of Mozilla Firefox by Windows XP.. and Vista OS. You can download Firefox 52 for Windows XP.. and Vista 32-bit và 64-bit computers here.

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Why bởi vì we need Firefox 52.9.0esr?

Windows XP và Vista vị not tư vấn the lachạy thử versions of the Firefox website browser & many other new utility applications as these OS have become quite older. If you want to lớn install Mozilla Firefox on an XPhường computer, then you need to lớn download and use the last supported edition of the browser, i.e. edition 52.9.0esr. 

Firefox for Windows XPhường. & Vista

If you look into the danh mục of website browsers, which are still supported by Windows XP, Mozilla Firefox 52.9.0esr is the least older web browser which was released in June 2018. For Example, the last supported version of Google Chrome by Windows XPhường is version 49.0, which was released on March 03, 2016. That means Firefox 52.0.1 has more recent features và security updates compared lớn Google Chrome 49.0. Therefore, downloading & using Firefox on Windows XP is a better option.

Best Software for Windows XPhường That You Can Still Use


Mozilla Firefox is one of the fast, secure, và powerful open-source cross-platform web browsers which is developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Firefox is also available for different operating systems like Mac OS, Linux, Android, etc. You can also tải về Mozilla Firefox for other operating systems here on bacgiangview.com.

Opera Browser 36 for Windows XP


Technical details:

Name: Mozilla FirefoxCategory: Web browserLanguage: EnglishLicense: mở cửa SourceVersion: 52.9.0 ESRRelease date: 25 June 2018OS Support: Windows XP/ Windows Vista

Download Firefox 52 For Windows XPhường, Vista:

Mozilla Firefox 52.0.1 32-bit, Size: 43.27 MB: 


Mozilla Firefox 52.0.1 64-bit, Size: 44.45 MB: 



Download Firefox Lademo Version for Windows 7 & 10 here.


Mozilla Firefox has several essential features lượt thích modern security protection, tabbed browsing, spell checking, private browsing, incremental find, live bookmarking, Smart Bookmarks, pre-loaded tải về manager, etc, and therefore Mozilla Firefox is considered as one of the best website browsers. You can tải về Firefox version 52.9.0 for your old PC using the above download button.

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