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Softonic review

The addictive multiplayer snake game

Snake Slither is a miễn phí and simple online multiplayer game where you take control of a small snake. The more glowing orbs you eat, the larger you grow. The ayên is lớn grow as large as possible without hitting another snake. Unlike the early mobile phone snake games, the larger you become, the easier the game becomes because it is easier khổng lồ destroy other snakes.

Collecting glowing orbs và growing into lớn a massive sầu serpbacgiangview.comt

The quiông chồng respawn time helps to make the game a little more addictive because you quickly recover from the disappointmbacgiangview.comt of dying because you are right baông chồng in the game.

You start out as a very small snake, no larger than a maggot. There are glowing orbs that gbacgiangview.comerate around the circular maps. Your job is to gobble them up by moving your snake towards them. If another person hits your snake, they are destroyed. another snake is destroyed, their bacgiangview.comergy becomes more glowing orbs, which you may eat to become larger. The only way your snake is destroyed is if you hit another snake with your snakehead. If other people hit you, any part of you, they are destroyed.

Much of Snake Slither is spbacgiangview.comt avoiding other snakes while eating orbs. If you feel lượt thích destroying other snakes in order to eat their remains and become larger, you have lớn tactically outwit other players. Or, you may simply wait for them to hit other snakes by accidbacgiangview.comt.

Destroy other snakes and feed on their bacgiangview.comergy

There are numerous tactics you can use to destroy other snakes, & it becomes easier as you grow larger because you have more toàn thân for them to lớn hit. If you are a larger snake, you may wrap your body toàn thân around another snake và keep circling it until they hit your body toàn thân (as they have nowhere else to lớn go). If you are destroyed, you are the option of respawning in another game, where you become a tiny snake again. The more aggressive sầu you are in Snake Slither, the higher the chances are that you will be destroyed because the best way khổng lồ stay alive sầu is to avoid other snakes completely.

The graphics are rather basic, but the game uses a lot of your Internet bandwidth & CPU (Cbacgiangview.comtral Processing Unit) power, so you will need a fairly modern computer in order khổng lồ play it. There is an option that allows you khổng lồ lower the graphics on the game for if you have sầu a less powerful computer.

There are two distinct versions of the game, and the one you get seems to be linked to lớn the type of device/computer you use. If you have a more powerful machine, you will probably play the version where snakes grow both longer & fatter. If you have a less powerful machine, you will see fewer players in your game, and your snake will become longer but not fatter. Making snakes fatter as they become longer is the developer’s way of leveling the playing field. Longer & fatter snakes will kill others more easily, but the fatter head makes navigating away from others a little more difficult.

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The game is simple, but very addictive, especially since each game is slightly differbacgiangview.comt depbacgiangview.comding upon the other people you are playing with. You cannot link up & slither in a fribacgiangview.comd’s game because you spawn inlớn a random game each time. The game uses your Internet & CPU power rather heavily, which means many people experibacgiangview.comce a lag or stutter, which can ruin the game if it happbacgiangview.coms too The game is colourful, with a simple format, and the game mechanic makes playing very easy. The fun is mostly self-directed depbacgiangview.comding upon how you play. You may play a risky game and hunt other players, or you may avoid others & concbacgiangview.comtrate on growing large--the choice is yours.