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“Pika. Pika pi, pikachu. Pi ka chu.” OK, maybe writing this story in Pika-ese isn’t a great idea. Still, it does remind us of an important point: one of the most popular video game characters ever created can’t say any words besides his own name.

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Pikachu was one of the 151 Pokétháng introduced in the original games back in 1996, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this week. He quickly became its breakout star, featuring prominently in the popular cartoon, movies, thẻ game, & tons of merchandise. You saw hyên ổn on everything: T-shirts khổng lồ plush dolls và school supplies lượt thích binders và notebook. Pikachu has helped boost the Pokétháng series to lớn over 200 million games sold — and $1.5 billion in merchandise sales annually. The newest games in the series, Pokétháng Sun and Moon, will come out this holiday.

So, why did Pikachu become so popular? Well, first off, he’s just an appealing character. Like classic cartoon icons such as Mickey Mouse, Pikachu is mostly made of circles. That roundness gives hyên a soft, inviting, & charming look. It’s hard to look at the little guy and not let out an “awwwww.”


Above: I mean, he certainly looks more appealing than that … thing.

He was also a fun Pokétháng lớn catch in the original games. Pikachu was one of the first rare Pokémon you could encounter. He would hide in Viridian Forest, an early location in the game that’s mostly filled with relatively useless Bug-type Pokétháng. Pikachu, however, was Electric-type, which are incredibly useful against Water and Bird Pokémon. In the early parts of the game, Pikachu was a fantastic addition lớn your tiệc nhỏ, which is probably why so many players caught hyên.

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