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This is the lachạy thử version of UniKey - 4.2 RC4. This version has been tested khổng lồ work well with Windows 8 & Windwows 8.1, including metro-style apps.Change log:* RC4:- Fixed serious bug with Windows 8 August năm trước update rollup. Bug #36: Error when typing capital DD, A^, O^, etc.- Change behavior of auto-case for shortcuts. Example: Define: Type: CN -> CO^NG NGHE^. Cn -> Co^ng nghe^.- Fixed issue with typing decomposed unicode (unicode to hop) in IE11.* RC3:- Lots of bug fixeds since RC1: erratic behaviour of language switching keys, wrong lower/upper case handling in metro apps.- NEW IN WINDOWS 8: Notifications (when switching language, converting data, etc.) work for both desktop apps và metro apps. If you don"t like the notification when working in desktop apps (normal/old-style windows apps), you can disable this feature. However, for your convenience, UniKey will still show notification when you are using full-screen windows store (metro-style) apps.This version consists of 3 files:- UniKeyNT.exe: This is the only tệp tin needed lớn run UniKey.- keybản đồ.txt: A sample customized key map tệp tin.UniKey 4.2 has been released for 2 platforms:- 32 bit edition: supports Windows 32 bit & Windows 64 bit.- 64 bit edition: supports Windows 64 bit only

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